J.S. Hamilton

Passionate about developing web and mobile applications and solutions.


An Orlando based developer currently working towards a degree in Computer Science, and self-studying web and mobile development with a focus on Ruby. Attended RubyConf 2013 as an Opportunity Scholar. Founded and organize Orlando Girl Geeks, an informal group for women that meets monthly for dinner and conversation.


Java, HTML, CSS, C, SQL, JavaScript, Ruby, Python


SQL Developer, Eclipse, Xcode, SublimeText, Git, GitHub, Rails, Bootstrap, Foundation, Joomla!, WordPress, phpBB, Citrix, Cisco

  • Excellent time management skills, self-motivated and able to work independently or with a team.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication; able to interact constructively with customers, users and team members.
  • Open and enthusiastic about learning new innovations, technologies, tools and platforms.
  • Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, May 2015
  • Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
  • Relevant Coursework:
    • Programming I & II (Java, OOP, Design Patterns, GUI)
    • System Software Principles (C, MIPS)
    • Database Management and Administration (SQL Developer)

Moye, O’Brien, O’Rourke, Pickert & Dillon, LLP, Paralegal, Maitland, FL, April 2006-Present

  • Worked independently on multiple, simultaneous projects for several teams, effectively and efficiently coordinating resources and managing time and materials.
  • Supported legal team with research, data analysis, presentation preparation and document management.
  • Acted as in-house IT support, and was liaison between outside IT firm and employees, facilitating communications and managing the IT services.
  • Identified areas of opportunity to increase firm productivity and decrease costs, conducted cost-benefit analyses, implemented and trained employees in:
    • best practices for emails, documents and secure file-sharing services that meet legal standards.
    • travel planning, accounting and expense report solutions; reduced time spent by staff on repetitive tasks by >15%.
    • a voice/data services solution that decreased costs by 25% and increased our data speeds by 10x.
    • a solution to cope with legal document reviews of electronic data. Reduced firm and client costs by 20%, increased productivity by >70%, created a new profit center.
    • best practices for high-volume document management processes within the business, reducing redundancy and waste, and increasing team efficacy.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Manager, Orlando, FL, September 1998-April 2006

  • Worked as a member of the management team, responsible for meeting sales goals, store maintenance, loss prevention, personnel, customer service, organization, merchandising, ordering, special orders, community relations, employee training.
  • Regularly trained other locations to help increase operational efficiency, personnel training and new store openings.
  • Selected from a national pool to be a member of the team to help re-establish Barnes & Noble stores and train staff after Hurricane Katrina, in NOLA.

Routine Matters, Owner, Daytona Beach, FL, January 1999-January 2003

  • Founder and sole proprietor responsible for all aspects of starting and operating large business: legal, financial, marketing, customer accounts.
  • Provided professional organizing services, systems and training for individuals and businesses.
  • Trained clients in time management, filing systems, home and office reorganization, computer use.
  • Gadgets, innovative tech, DIY, streamlined life & work flows, new urbanism, sustainability, civic hacking, social economics, Inbox-zero, weird history, good (and bad) sci-fi/fantasy, travel, art, architecture, music, good conversations, and tater-tots with Sriracha.
  • Fascinated with the creation and implementation of multi-platform, groundbreaking productivity tools that make lives better. Some of my favorites (aka, can't live without): Evernote, Remember the Milk, Hipmunk, CodePen and IFTTT.
  • Helping and supporting local groups, organizations & large businesses – through use of social media and marketing, newsletters, forums, websites, fundraising, volunteering, networking, and organizing.