Ramping Up!

Assignment 4:

I want to learn everything! Ok, iOS and my responsibilities as a developer are enough for now, but once I have a handle on that, I’d love to learn more about QA and how the testing is automated, security, architecture, project management and maybe dip my toe into Android and web ... READ MORE

The End is the Beginning

Today marks the first day of my new job at Mobiquity, as well as marking the end of the career change path I've been on for the last year, or 5 years, or lifetime (depending when you start counting). I've discussed my decisions to transition from formal CS education and pursue a bootcamp/code school experience in a previous post, so this will be more of a catch-up post. After ... READ MORE

Iron Update: Weeks 9 & 10 | Pitch It, Build It

The last two weeks were a bit of a blur, so here goes a small update about big things. Because week 9 was shortened due to Thanksgiving, we finished up our lectures on Monday and Tuesday of week 10. The final lectures were quick overviews on backgrounding, iBeacons, WatchOS and testing. We did useful but fun in-class projects to demonstrate the different aspects, and homework was lighter than usual. Our ... READ MORE

Iron Update: Week 8 | Here Be Sprites

It was a short week - just two days - so not much to report. We covered the SpriteKit with a tutorial to build Space Invaders. The weekend project involved geocoding, search bar and results, Foursquare API, and CoreData. It wasn't terribly difficult once I figured out how to persist or not persist the NSManagedObjects, depending on need. The Foursquare API was a pain to work with - for all the documentation, ... READ MORE

Iron Update: Week 7 | The Second Half Begins

We're starting to see a hint of a glimmer of a sparkle of light at the end of the tunnel. There are only another 5 days or so of lecture days, then it'll be final project time.  Last week was a tough one, and this week everyone seemed to need a slightly slower pace and fun stuff to learn. Playing around with the Dynamics kit (so many lines to write ... READ MORE