Ramping Up!

Assignment 4:

I want to learn everything! Ok, iOS and my responsibilities as a developer are enough for now, but once I have a handle on that, I’d love to learn more about QA and how the testing is automated, security, architecture, project management and maybe dip my toe into Android and web ... READ MORE

Bootcamp as Career Change Catalyst

You know how when you really start thinking a lot about a particular subject, you start seeing articles/posts/stuff about it everywhere? Well, I've been self-studying for a career change to web development for a while now, and struggling to get from "doing what I can at night, on my own" to "ready to hire". Being an Adult Person with House + Family means I need to do everything possible to set ... READ MORE

This is THE time

For most, spring is the time of rebirth and renewal, cleaning and fresh starts. For those of us in the sub-tropical south, fall is OUR time. After the liquid heat of summer (aka, Season of the Hurricanes and Mosquitos), it's beautiful outside, the bands start migrating this way, and energy levels skyrocket. It becomes our time for Big Things - especially for me, especially this year. In the fall, I will be resigning from my current job/career ... READ MORE

All signs point to Ruby

Research can be my downfall. It's not uncommon for me to fall into an internet ruby-logoblackhole looking up, well, anything. Trying to decide how to start my web dev journey may have been the deepest I've ever dived into that hole. After a few months of researching what technologies were used to build my favorite/essential websites and applications, the prevalence of ... READ MORE