Ramping Up!

Assignment 4:

I want to learn everything! Ok, iOS and my responsibilities as a developer are enough for now, but once I have a handle on that, I’d love to learn more about QA and how the testing is automated, security, architecture, project management and maybe dip my toe into Android and web ... READ MORE

The End is the Beginning

Today marks the first day of my new job at Mobiquity, as well as marking the end of the career change path I've been on for the last year, or 5 years, or lifetime (depending when you start counting). I've discussed my decisions to transition from formal CS education and pursue a bootcamp/code school experience in a previous post, so this will be more of a catch-up post. After ... READ MORE

Slight Detour

rr switchInto every life, every journey comes a few detours. All you can do is prepare for everything you can imagine, all the while realizing that the bumps you do come across will be something you could not have anticipated. Luckily, I learned that one a long time ago, so there was no major meltdown when the director of my ... READ MORE

Progress Report – In the beginning…

Below is my current list of tutorials (online, book & website), resources, skills and other input that I need to shove in my brain. As time goes on, this list may expand or contract, and I'll update as I progress. Books: