Iron Update: Week 4 | Weathering the Storm

This week we covered some big topics: code-based/programmatic layout, 2D arrays, pulling JSON files from APIs and incorporating into apps, static functions, structs, MapKit and geocoding. Our weekend assignment was a weather app that pulls coordinates using a ZIP code and Google Maps, then uses that info to pull the weather data from The data is used to populate a table view controller with basic city name/weather data, as ... READ MORE

Iron Update: Week 3 | Uphill in the Rain

This week has been a tough one, even with a free(ish) day on Wednesday. We've started to get into the rhythm of the program, and in my case, friends and family are just now starting to get how challenging and time-consuming the program is going to get. Every day is focused on absorbing the lecture for the first half, and working on the daily assignment(s). If I get done early, I ... READ MORE

Iron Update: Week 2

The education style of a coding bootcamp is a much different beast than formal CS education. It's more akin to a course of self-study, but with someone else providing the resources, setting up the study plan, being available for constructive Socratic question/teaching help, offering advice and feedback. There's a mental switch that I see different students struggle with flipping - it's not about getting a high score, being perfect or being the ... READ MORE

Iron Update: PreWork & Week 1 Recap

mistakes Well, the first week of iOS bootcamp at The Iron Yard is done, and things are looking up! I'd forgotten, until I dove back into coding, how very much I love getting pushed and challenged with projects. The highs and lows that get you excited, frustrated and elated. Every frustration you suffer trying to figure out where and why it's failing ... READ MORE