Iron Update: Week 5 | To the Moon!

This week was a very busy week – so busy the post is a week late and rather brief. But! I finished up the weather app and added Parse functionality. I still need to break out the business logic from the view controller (bad form, Jen), which will require a bit of refactoring. It was good to see concrete examples of proper encapsulation and demonstrable reasons to do so. Weekend Launch was  intense, look for a separate post going over that in more detail.


Sun [2 hours]: finished up weather app

Mon [8 hours]: helped other students finish up their weather apps

Tues [10 hours]: NSCoding for data persistence, CoreLocation for user’s current location, tool demo: Xcode Instruments

Wed [8 hours]: more on data persistence, using Parse for cloud database/storage, installing CocoaPods and adding Parse pod to a project

Thur [10 hours]: more on using Parse for user authentication and data persistence

Fri [10 hours]: spent some time switching a previous app from CoreData to Parse; Weekend Launch day 1

Sat [9 hours]: Weekend Launch, day 2

Weekly Scrum:

Bright bulb: I LOVE Parse. All that database glory in an easy to use, easy to read layout. Granted, I haven’t used any other services of the kind, but Parse is my new BFF right now.

Dim bulb: Exhaustion. Attending Weekend Launch on top of being at TIY probably wasn’t the best idea, but I’m still glad I went.

Blocker: I wanted to use both NSCoding and Parse in my weather app, but it’s trickier than I anticipated, and I wasn’t able to complete.

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