Iron Update: Week 8 | Here Be Sprites

It was a short week – just two days – so not much to report. We covered the SpriteKit with a tutorial to build Space Invaders. The weekend project involved geocoding, search bar and results, Foursquare API, and CoreData. It wasn’t terribly difficult once I figured out how to persist or not persist the NSManagedObjects, depending on need. The Foursquare API was a pain to work with – for all the documentation, no concrete examples of how to structure the API query. It was also incredibly inconsistent – results could take 0.5 seconds to 15+ minutes to return.  We only have another week or so of lectures left, then on to our final projects. The holidays are breaking up this cohort’s schedule more than usual, but I’m grateful – it provides some much needed mental rest time.


Sun [6 hours]: Finished up weekend project

Mon [8 hours]: Covered SpriteKit, with a Space Invaders tutorial.

Tues [8 hours]: Second half of SpriteKit tutorial

Wed [5 hours]: Weekend project

Thur [4 hours]: T-day and weekend project

Fri [4 hours]: Working through some CoreData issues

Sat [6 hours]: Finished up basic app

Weekly Scrum:

Bright bulb: Short week provided some much needed rest

Dim bulb: Completed only the basic app, and I would have like to have made it look better, and add some fun stuff.

Blocker: No blockers

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