Ramping Up!

Assignment 4:

I want to learn everything! Ok, iOS and my responsibilities as a developer are enough for now, but once I have a handle on that, I’d love to learn more about QA and how the testing is automated, security, architecture, project management and maybe dip my toe into Android and web dev. I want to learn how everything works, from each cog (individual tasks) to how all the cogs work together in the whole machine (product lifecycle). The systems are just as fascinating to me as developing.

A great deal of what we went over this week was fascinating. How everything works together, how all aspects are thoroughly considered – research, planning, design, development, code review, QA, security, and deployment. It’s all organized, well-documented and well-tracked. Communication, collaboration and ongoing learning are strongly supported and encouraged. The one thing that’s most interesting to me is seeing how team members recognize a need for something and make it happen. During the Jira talk, Dave used Fire to set up a new project, connect it to Git, and connect it to users. It’s a great example of what developers that want to streamline their workflow can accomplish. Learning more about our Agile processes, structured and detailed but flexible, was also intriguing. I’m excited to get started, learn more and start putting it all into practice.


  1. Andrew Crites says:

    Glad you had such a great, enlightening first week!