MacBook Pro Rejuvination: Upgrading to a SSD

For the last 6 months or so, but especially after I began iOS development, my poor, not-that-old 2011 MacBook Pro has not been able to keep up. It was experiencing major lag running Apple's IDE for iOS and OSX, Xcode, and nearly locked up when I ran Simulator. I'd intended to replace my laptop in the next few months, but changing plans meant I had to put that on hold. ... READ MORE

Iron Update: PreWork & Week 1 Recap

mistakes Well, the first week of iOS bootcamp at The Iron Yard is done, and things are looking up! I'd forgotten, until I dove back into coding, how very much I love getting pushed and challenged with projects. The highs and lows that get you excited, frustrated and elated. Every frustration you suffer trying to figure out where and why it's failing ... READ MORE

Welp, all of the various tutorials, lessons, exercises and whatnot have resulted in my Mac responding with a bit of a conniption fit. Granted, it is a bit elderly for strenuous activity, but the main problem seems to be versions, libraries, dependencies, et al. that are giving me constant errors when I try to install or run anything new. I don't want to spend more days trying to resolve all ... READ MORE