This is THE time

For most, spring is the time of rebirth and renewal, cleaning and fresh starts. For those of us in the sub-tropical south, fall is OUR time.

After the liquid heat of summer (aka, Season of the Hurricanes and Mosquitos), it’s beautiful outside, the bands start migrating this way, and energy levels skyrocket. It becomes our time for Big Things – especially for me, especially this year.

In the fall, I will be resigning from my current job/career and participating in a 12 week back-end/RoR bootcamp. Self-study will continue, as I ramp up to a shiny new career and a shiny new year. I will try my dutiful best to keep up on the blog, covering the bootcamp experience, prepping for a new career, tips, workarounds, and all that other stuff that’s really helpful when you don’t even know what question(s) to ask.

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