This is THE time

For most, spring is the time of rebirth and renewal, cleaning and fresh starts. For those of us in the sub-tropical south, fall is OUR time. After the liquid heat of summer (aka, Season of the Hurricanes and Mosquitos), it's beautiful outside, the bands start migrating this way, and energy levels skyrocket. It becomes our time for Big Things - especially for me, especially this year. In the fall, I will be resigning from my current job/career ... READ MORE

Welp, all of the various tutorials, lessons, exercises and whatnot have resulted in my Mac responding with a bit of a conniption fit. Granted, it is a bit elderly for strenuous activity, but the main problem seems to be versions, libraries, dependencies, et al. that are giving me constant errors when I try to install or run anything new. I don't want to spend more days trying to resolve all ... READ MORE